Why Conservatives Don’t Take Trump at His Word

Why Conservatives Don’t Take Trump at His Word

No one needs to be told that Shrillary is corrupt to the core; it’s the one thing everyone who is politically engaged can agree on. What many don’t realize is that her opponent is comparably unscrupulous.

Illegally donating $25,000 to Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi, evidently as a bribe to kill an investigation into the Trump University scam, is just the tip of the iceberg. A few more examples:

• Trump’s casino bankruptcies, which left investors holding the bag while he skedaddled with their money
• Trump’s habit of refusing to pay contractors who had done work for him, many of whom are struggling small businesses
Trump University, which includes not only the people who got scammed and the Florida investigation, but also a similar story from Texas where the investigation into Trump U was quashed.
• The Trump Institute, another get-rich-quick scheme in which Trump allowed a couple of grifters to use his name to bilk people out of their money
• The Trump Network, a multi-level marketing venture (a.k.a. pyramid scheme) that involved customers mailing in a urine sample which would be analyzed to produce for them a specially formulated package of multivitamins
• Trump Model Management, which reportedly had foreign models lie to customs officials and work in the U.S. illegally, and kept them in squalid conditions while they earned almost nothing for the work they did
• Trump’s employment of foreign guest workers at his resorts, which involves a claim that he can’t find Americans to do the work
• Trump’s use of hundreds of undocumented workers from Poland in the 1980s, who were paid a pittance for their illegal work
• Trump’s connections to mafia figures involved in New York construction
• The time Trump paid the Federal Trade Commission $750,000 over charges that he violated anti-trust laws when trying to take over a rival casino company

It isn’t just the flip-flops on core issues like immigration. Trump is simply not someone it would be sensible to trust.

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Yet his supporters inexplicably take him at his word that he would appoint conservative justices and enact a conservative agenda, as if he were more reliable than the principled conservatives who object to him, despite his lifelong history of loudly espousing not merely liberal but looney left viewpoints.

During W’s presidency, Trump joined other far left nutcases in shouting for impeachment. At the height of the Tea Party, Trump denounced it, and proclaimed that America was too racist to appreciate Obama.

Even within the past year, examples have included 9/11 conspiracy crapola, spewing Code Pink talking points during a debate, praising Planned Parenthood in the aftermath of the body parts scandal, supporting the intolerable Kelo decision, averring that our fundamental right to bear arms should be contingent on not having been arbitrarily placed on arcane government watch lists, backing wasteful crony capitalist ethanol subsidies, siding with the worst of the so-called GOPe against conservative resistance, calling for increasing the national debt, promising to raise taxes, denouncing Antonin Scalia for opposing Affirmative Action, supporting the large-scale importation of “refugees” from the Islamic world, et cetera.

There is no doubt that a corrupt leftist will be elected president in November. The question is whether there will still be an opposition party.

One of the last people on earth I would trust.

On a tip from Torcer. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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