Crazy leftists accuse Trump of treason for this one thing he said

Crazy leftists accuse Trump of treason for this one thing he said

Leftists find every possible reason to downplay President-elect Donald Trump and have minor meltdowns. This time the leftists are accusing Donald Trump of treason because of how he reacted to Putin’s comments in regards to Obama’s sanctions against Russia.

Obama is diving nose deep into sanctions against Russia over the alleged hacking incident involving the DNC and the 2016 Presidential election. His sanctions included expelling 35 Russian diplomats and suspecting them of being spies.

Putin responded by NOT expelling anyone from Russia and stated that he would wait for Trump to take office and take it from there. Donald Trump reacted to the response in favor of Putin, because why wouldn’t he? Trump and Obama aren’t really on the same page, so anything Obama does, Trump typically goes against, even if it’s just a Tweet or snarky response.

Trump’s response was that it was time to move on to bigger and better things and that Putin’s delayed reaction was smart.

And now here we are with all the liberals and Democrats crying for treason charges because Trump wants to work with Russia instead of working against them like Obama.


Here’s a few gracious Tweets with my response under each picture.


Thank you Justin for telling us what’s tantamount or not. Can’t blame Trump for working with another world power. Would you rather be enemies with a country who is fairly powerful? I’d rather be friends with Russia. You should too.


What’s the threshold for wearing the same Izod vest and being irrelevant?


That’s why you’re a hack. At least you admit it.


This she-hag is Canadian and claims to be a psychologist. If you check out her profile, she is absolutely crazy and obsessed with talking bad about Trump. I believe she needs a psychiatrist and a heavy dose of meds. If there’s one person who shouldn’t be on Twitter, it’s this sea-hag Canadian.


No. That’s not how it works. Not. At. All.


Explain to us what part of Trump’s reply is treasonous?


Oh George, you always try to be important, but you mostly come off as annoying. You’re just another Internet pest looking for that one-liner to go trending.

Obama is on a warpath of destruction on his way out of the White House and he’s just setting fires in all the wrong places, for all the wrong reasons. If anyone should be pressured, it should be him. Leftists need to get Obama back in order before he single-handedly causes a fiasco that’s completely unnecessary.

Leftists claim Trump is treasonous.

The fun begins on January 20, 2017.

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