Derogatory Truth On Why Liberals ATTACK Barron Trump: It’s “Reminiscent Of Jihadi Virtue Signaling”

Derogatory Truth On Why Liberals ATTACK Barron Trump: It’s “Reminiscent Of Jihadi Virtue Signaling”

Leftists wasted no time this past week in distancing themselves from the ever so annoying Kathy Griffin and her photo of a severed Trump head…Yet when it comes to taking swipes at the youngest Trump brother, 11 year-old Barron, over his reaction of the photo, that’s all fair game.

After First Lady Melania sent out a statement in which she inquired about Griffin’s mental health, reports began to spread that when the youngest Trump child, Barron, first saw the photo while watching television, he became visibly worried and distressed, with good reason!

Liberal scumbag talkers will kick up whatever muddiness they can, so long as it accomplishes their disturbing agenda. So, they jumped on the chance to ridicule a child’s widely-publicized reaction.

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And DailyWire was among the first right-leaning websites to defend Barron and punch back at the liberal hacks, and rightfully so…the left is truly a lost and screwed kind of people if they can get away with this.

Read on:

“The Left’s vicious attack on Barron Trump’s emotional reaction to a picture mocking his father’s beheading is not that different from the way Islamic extremists push children directly into the line of fire. While Americans from both sides of the divide came together to condemn the horrific mock visual of a decapitated and bloody President Trump, an entire class of people devoid of core American values saw it as an opportunity to attack an innocent child.”

The article keeps going:

“Despite Griffin’s apology admitting she had gone too far, within 24 hours dialogue among Leftists had already pivoted the story with new attacks now launched against President Trump’s 11-year-old son Barron Trump.

Rosie O’Donnell and ‘Jeopardy’ record-holder Ken Jennings were just two of the handfuls of liberals that ran with the opportunity.”

Rosie O’Donnell took advantage of this with a disgusting tweet of her own…Oh, Rosie. What a pathetic waste of space you are.

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