“Donald Trump doesn’t care about black people” said a CNN commentator [VIDEO]

“Donald Trump doesn’t care about black people” said a CNN commentator [VIDEO]

A CNN commentator popular for being super annoying, possibly racist, acting entitled and usually full of nonsense, has literally stated that “Donald Trump does not care about black people.”

Good job stealing a line from Kanye West, who said that about Bush many years before this tacky CNN commentator, Symone Sanders, had half of a clue of what she was talking about.

Symone Sanders was acting belligerent and distasteful because Trump bashed the media (like he always does) during a “Black History Month” event, but then other commentators reminded her that she was way out of context. The event focused on a photo-shoot with black employees of the White House. Trump reminded the media about another fake news event where people lied and said a statue of MLK was removed from his office, but it was not removed; then continued talking in a friendly tone and it was met with polite disposition.

Trump’s comments about fake news media were said in jest and met with laughs from the crowd. You can see smiles on faces, hear their laughs and can tell that everyone in the video is in good spirits. At one point, Trump singles out Paris Bennard, who’s also in the video with Symone Sanders, and compliments Bennard.

This ticked Symone Sanders off really bad.

Bennard is black and Trump complimented him. According to leftist mainstream media, that would become a “TRUMP IS RACIST” fake news headline and they would spin it way out of context with diseased liberalism.

Symone Sanders mumbles on in her jibberish sounding voice about how Donald Trump is disrespecting the moment and she says she’s disgusted with it.

At some point in the video, the other black folks straightened her out, which triggered her even worse and she lashed out at Donald Trump.


Sanders’ comments were triggered by a discussion with Paris Bennard and Georgetown University professor Michael Eric Dyson on Trump bashing the media during an event that was meant to honor Black History Month. Sanders suggested that neither Trump nor White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer knew much about Black history and Frederick Douglass.

Bennard defended Trump’s comments, arguing the media had been taking the comments out of context and that once the cameras were out of the room, Trump focused on historically black colleges and supporting the African-American community.

Sanders continued saying that she would not come to the White House even if she was invited by Trump. She said that Trump did not have an interest in building a relationship with the African-American community.

“Look, I don’t need Donald Trump to give me anything,” Sanders said. “Secondly, Donald Trump needs to be talking about policies and proposals, real policy prescriptions for the African-American community. He’s only given us rhetoric, he hasn’t given us any action. He can not govern for the next four years like that.”

Sanders claims Trump needs to talk about things that are specific to the African-American community. No he doesn’t. No one does. African-Americans are Americans just like everyone else. There is no extra or special treatment for people of color, people who have no color, religions, or anything else. We’re all Americans and the government policies discussed and created encapsulate all of us.

We are all Americans and we are all included in all policies. No one needs their own special policies because that treads the line of segregation and aren’t we over that yet?

When you’re on TV, insulting YOUR PRESIDENT, and other black people set you straight, then you know you’ve messed up.

Symone Sanders has skewed views, hates President Trump and 95% of the time she sounds like an idiot.

Lashing out after being triggered is all she’s average at. She’s below average at everything else. She’s not even good at being mad.

Symone Sanders is an entitled nitwit who is embarrassing to black people. CNN should remove her.

Paris Bennard is awesome. If you get a chance, then watch more of his videos. He’s got tons of information and great delivery.

Frank Lea

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