Donald Trump’s Hollywood star vandalized with THIS!

Donald Trump’s Hollywood star vandalized with THIS!

A user on Reddit posted a photo of Donald Trump’s Hollywood star vandalized with a swastika and it has gone crazy viral.

don trump swastika

Reddit users chimed in heavy with great commentary:

aaronsherman -I wasn’t clear if they were trying to say Trump is a Nazi and that’s a bad thing, Trump is a Nazi and that’s a good thing, or they’re Nazis and they don’t like Trump, so they’re vandalizing his star.

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Art: 2/10
Message: 0/10

Corpus_Fisti is there something about a swastika that points left that is somehow easier or more intuitive for a vandal to draw? b/c it seems like way more than 50% of the time when vandals draw a swastika it is done in the non-Hitler way, so there must be some reason behind this anomaly since they are obviously not trying to purposefully draw the good one….

After seeing the picture of the swastika, we’re not really sure what the vandal meant. Is the vandal saying Trump is a Nazi? Or is the vandal wishing peace? Or is the vandal a Nazi themselves and wishes hatred upon Donald Trump. Here’s some history on the swastika, which wasn’t always demonized until after Hitler used it.

If you’re going to vandalize something, then at least do it right.

This is amateur.

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