EXCLUSIVE: A Black Pastor Saved Donald Trump From Being Bitten By a Poisonous Spider in the White House Yesterday

EXCLUSIVE: A Black Pastor Saved Donald Trump From Being Bitten By a Poisonous Spider in the White House Yesterday

We rely on the Secret Service to be at the top of their game and protect the President’s life at all times, even when he is sleeping, but they can’t catch 100% of threats.

This was proven yesterday when Pastor Mark Burns caught something that may very well have slipped right into President Trump’s shirt and made him very, very ill.

Right Wing News’ Tiffiny Ruegner received a text from Burns detailing his act of heroism.

“I SAVED THE PRESIDENT’S LIFE TODAY!!!” Burns wrote jokingly. “Lol. I SMACKED the President on the back hard in the Oval today when a HUGE White Spider was crawling fast up his back towards his head!!!!!”

It’s not rare for spiders to seek refuge indoors during the fall and winter months, as their food supply has become scarce. That being said, not all spiders are created equal.

“It was pure Instinct,” he continued. “I just told POTUS I have his Back. I just proved it again literally!!!! I was screaming PLEASE Secret Service don’t shoot me, there was a HUGE Spider running towards his Head.”

Given the fact that this kind gentleman just slapped the President for no apparent reason, that’s probably a legitimate fear to have! Thankfully, they knew that Burns wasn’t trying to hurt President Trump, who was curious to know what exactly happened to his unwarranted visitor.

“He turned around and said ‘Did you Kill it????'” Burns continued. “I showed him the spider he started smiling. I was like ‘OMG!’ Everyone started laughing. I don’t think anyone has ever hit the President in the Oval Office before.”

As cute of a story as this is, the spider itself was no laughing matter.

“It’s been confirmed that it was a poisonous Yellow Sac Spider,” the text concluded.

For those who don’t know, the Yellow Sac Spider is poisonous, though not necessarily deadly to a fully grown man. That being said, the President doesn’t have the benefit of age on his side, so it is unknown exactly what would have happened if the spider did end up biting him. For more information on the Yellow Sac Spider, you can go here.

And for those of you who are morbidly curious enough to wonder about the aftermath of the squishing, there is a picture.

God bless Pastor Mark Burns for his service to the President’s back. Who knew that spiders could so easily make it past the Secret Service?

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