EXCLUSIVE New Data: President Trump More Popular Than Mainstream Media Reports

EXCLUSIVE New Data: President Trump More Popular Than Mainstream Media Reports

I have long suspected that the polls concerning President Trump’s popularity were skewed and incorrect. Dick Morris commissioned a recent poll that bears this out. He says Donald Trump “is much more popular than media polls report and his job approval is way higher.” I really believe that. If they’ll lie to us about everything else, why wouldn’t their polls lie? “It is astonishing how different this data is from any other recent poll,” stated Morris.

Here are the pertinent highlights of that poll:

  • 48 percent approve of Trump’s performance in office, while 50 percent disapprove. Most media polls, by contrast, place the president’s job approval down between 37% and 42%, far lower than the McLaughlin poll.
  • 71 percent support the appointment of a special prosecutor to investigate leaks by public officials to the media. 15 percent oppose.
  • 63 percent support the appointment of a special prosecutor to investigate allegations of pay for play between the Clinton Foundation and the State Department under Hillary Clinton. They also support looking into Hillary’s use of a private server for her emails. 27 percent oppose.
  • Only 35 percent feel Trump was involved in Russian meddling in the election. 25 percent believe Russia did meddle, but Trump was not involved. And 21 percent feel Russia did not meddle.

1,000 likely voters were surveyed and it was conducted by John McLaughlin and Associates. The survey took place between August 26th and the 30th. It has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.1 percent. I would wager that the more people that are part of a poll on Trump, the more the approval numbers will go up. “It’s like coming in from an alternative reality to read this poll after all the media polls saying Trump is very unpopular, Obamacare is making a comeback, and that voters are worried about Russian meddling,” says Morris.

Morris went on, “The reality is that the electorate — as opposed to the random sample of voters and nonvoters that the media is using – largely applaud the job Trump is doing and are getting fed up with the leaks in the investigation of Russian meddling.” It should be noted that this poll strongly indicates there is widespread support for the appointment of a special prosecutor to investigate all the leaks coming from the White House and making their way to the media. I adamantly support that sentiment. “I am pushing personally that there should be a special prosecutor to investigate leaks from the government to the media,” Morris adds. The results of this poll – which show 71 percent support such a special prosecutor –
indicate the vast majority of the public share his view, Morris said.

And as I have put forth from the very beginning, I do not believe that Trump every colluded with the Russians in order to “fix the election.” That dog don’t hunt. I don’t trust the Russians at all and they have been meddling in our elections forever, but Trump had nothing to do with that. “There is widespread belief that Trump did not collude with the Russians to fix the election. There is far more concern out there about the daily leaks from the special prosecutor’s office than there is worry about Russian influence,” Morris said.

These are the kind of poll results you would expect to see regarding President Trump. But they are being sanitized and manipulated to make him look bad. Again, communists routinely do that sort of thing. This poll was conducted by phone and over the Internet. The demographic breakdown was as follows: 71 percent White, 12.1 percent African American, 11.1 percent Hispanic, four percent Asian and 1.8 percent Other. 36 percent were Democrats and 33 percent were Republicans in the survey. 31 percent were Independents. Amazing what you see when a fair and balanced poll is conducted that is not weighted in favor of a party or race.

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