Hats Off to Katrina Elaine Jorgensen

Until recently, we were in a training camp, not on an actual battlefield. We were engaged in practice maneuvers that did not entail live ammo. No one on the right was going to lose their audience or their career by hurling practice grenades at the authoritarian progressives in the other party. So the grenades were hurled boldly, even if they didn’t have much effect.

Then suddenly the training camp was invaded by the enemy. Now real bullets are flying. Say things that the followers of a certain authoritarian progressive don’t like, and there will be concrete (e.g., monetary) consequences, as I can attest.

That’s why previously bold defenders of conservative values have dropped their rifles. Some are hiding in ditches, waiting until it is safe to come out. Others have demonstrated their character and sincerity by defecting to the enemy.

But as their cowardly comrades cut and run, a few have shown the courage to hold the line, even against increasingly desperate odds. One example is Katrina Elaine Jorgensen:

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The national communications chair for the Young Republicans has announced her resignation, saying she refuses to abandon her conservative principles in order to support the party’s presumptive presidential nominee, Donald Trump.

Katrina Elaine Jorgensen, an editor at the Independent Journal Review, announced her resignation in a Facebook post Monday afternoon.

“Regretfully, I am resigning from my position as Communications Chair with the [Young Republican National Federation],” she wrote. “With the practically fulfilled nomination of Donald Trump as our presidential candidate, I can no longer continue to carry out the duties of this position. My principles will not allow it.”

She understands that to support Trump’s campaign is to betray everything conservatives stand for: moral decency, limited government, property rights, free trade, individual liberty/responsibility, strong international posture, and possibly most important of all, preservation of what’s left of our national character.

“As the head of our national communications my voice is part of our message, and I am intrinsically tied to it. Therefore I must step down. I cannot live with being seen as supporting a candidate I truly feel tramples on all of our values. […] I wanted Young Republicans to be part of the conversation about the White House, to be seen for all the hard work we put in year after year to elect Republicans. But I never could have imagined this outcome. And I cannot use my skills, or implement the plan I laid out for 2016, without feeling like I am losing my soul.”

This has been referred to as the Colonel Nicholson moment: when you realize that even if you get killed doing it, it would be better to blow up the bridge you worked so hard to build than to let the enemy use it against what you have been fighting for.

“There is no easy answer to the situation our party is in, but I believe we would do much more for our country by standing together against Donald Trump,” she wrote.

Ms. Jorgensen noted that Trump endorses lawlessness and has “a minimal understanding of the fiscal policies long associated with our party.” She also accuses him of bigotry, a reference to his classic fascist tactic of whipping up the mob against targeted groups.

“I cannot stand by and continue to write newsletters and posts that so strongly conflict with my personal values. I will not surrender my beliefs,” she wrote. “This is not the way forward. I will not quietly fall in line. I will not give up my principles. I will always be #NeverTrump.”

Fox News and talk radio are crowded with self-serving mercenaries who will side with whomever they are paid to side with. The real soldiers fighting in the trenches because they believe in the cause — people like Katrina Elaine Jorgensen — are warriors rather than apparatchiks. They are a higher breed.

Hats off to a heroine.

On tips from Varla and Torcer. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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