Hey, Liberals: Designers Are AT WAR to Dress Melania Trump! [VIDEO]

Hey, Liberals: Designers Are AT WAR to Dress Melania Trump! [VIDEO]

Remember when a number of asshat fashion designers refused to dress Melania Trump citing so-called integrity? Well, a number of monster designers are now competing aggressively to clothe the ex-model. She’s made for fashion. Melania Trump is arguably one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen, right alongside Ivanka Trump. They make Michelle Obama look simply like a man in drag. In fact, I’ve seen many drag queens who are more attractive. Just sayin’. The likes of Calvin Klein and others are lining up to dress the drop-dead gorgeous First Lady and liberals are devastated. Good times.

I would say the left’s boycott has fallen flat big time. Zac Posen, B Michael America, Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein are all interested. But, you can mark off Tom Ford and Marc Jacobs, who say they will never deign to dress Melania. I guess they’ll cater to the communists of Hollywood instead. No big loss. Melania would make sack cloth look good, so I am not worried that she will have her pick of stunning designs. She will bring beauty, grace and poise back to the White House… something we have not seen for eight long years.


From the Daily Mail:

As the debate goes on about who will dress Melania during the next four years in the White House, it looks like her options are growing.

Although designers like Tom Ford and Marc Jacobs have said they don’t want her wearing their designs, other designers are chomping at the bit for the opportunity to dress the First Lady-to-be.

It is customary of the First Lady to wear an American designer during her time in Washington, and especially during the inaugural weekend, and designers like Zac Posen, B Michael America, and Tommy Hilfiger are all interested.

Jean Shafiroff, a New York socialite and philanthropist who is friendly with the Trump family, saw them at the New Year’s Eve Mar-a-lago fest, and told theNew York Post that interest is growing with American and foreign designers.

She polled the couture council of the museum at New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology to see who wants to dress Melania for her first weekend in the White House, and for the next four years.

Shafiroff told the post that Zac Posen, B Michael America, Victor de Souza and Zang Toi are all very interested.

Mooch was a nightmare in her clothing. She gives new meaning to bad taste and frankly, she’s not what I would call good-looking. Sorry… she’s not hideous, she’s just not a fashion plate model. Melania very literally is. She’s photogenic as well. The cameras love this First Family and Melania’s taste in clothing is extremely elegant. I know that Trump has said he has no interest in redecorating the White House, but I certainly hope that Melania and Ivanka will do so.

Any designer should be beyond thrilled to be asked to dress the First Lady, especially Melania. Talk about a clothe’s horse that will sell their designs. Her donning their work will make them even more famous and sought after. Melania is known to be a fan of Dolce and Gabbana and Gucci, and was spotted wearing those designers while her husband was on the campaign trail. Melania’s New Year’s dress was from Gabbana. The media keeps asking if Melania is too sexy. No… she’s just beautiful. But then again, they haven’t had to deal with real beauty in years. Perhaps they have forgotten what it looks like.













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