Hours After Wearing Pro-Trump Dress to Grammys, Joy Villa Gets AMAZING News!

Hours After Wearing Pro-Trump Dress to Grammys, Joy Villa Gets AMAZING News!

Well, I had never heard of Joy Villa before today, but I have now. And her music is pretty good. I’m not alone on this. After Joy Villa appeared at the Grammy’s last night in a white cloak… she took it off and shocked all those around her. I do believe she just trolled the Grammys. Villa was wearing a red, white and blue dress that said ‘Make America Great Again’ on the front and she had ‘Trump’ on the train of the gown. She looked stunning in it. When she took off her cloak, it was the ultimate mic drop moment. Heh.

After making her grand appearance, Joy Villa’s album: I Make the Static, has skyrocketed on Amazon. Previously, the album was ranked #543,202 on Amazon and now it is currently ranked #3. She has bypassed both Lady Gaga and Beyonce. It’s a heck of a way to get famous fast. I like it. That took a lot of guts and she was incredibly classy while doing it. Of course the hate rolled in on her as well and the requisite death threats.


From Young Conservatives:

The producer of the Grammys encouraged political statements at the event, but doubtless he was surprised by the statement that a dress made.

Singer Joy Villa’s dress went viral, after she took off her white cloak.

Villa was wearing a red, white and blue “Make America Great Again” dress with “Trump” written around the train.


A very brave decision to wear the dress into an event where only leftist views are generally welcome.

But out in the rest of America, people who had never heard of Joy Villa were letting her know they’d heard of her now.

According to Gateway Pundit, her sales on her latest album, “I Make The Static”, skyrocketed 18,106,633%, going from a sales rank of 543, 202 in “Movers and Shakers in Albums” to number 3.


It’s funny, both Lady Gaga and Beyonce were in consideration last night for an award. Villa may not have gotten a Grammy, but she won the hearts of most Americans out there. And her record sales show it.

The producer of the show encouraged people to be political last night and Joy Villa certainly did that. I wish I could have seen the producer’s face when she took that cloak off. I have no way of knowing if this woman loves Trump or not… whether it was a PR move or a defiant show of admiration… but I bet she loves him now. Joy Villa was the very best part of the Grammys last night and the only real winner.



Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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