Islamic Man Sues Trump For $12M Over Defamation of Islam, Gets Nasty Surprise [VIDEO]

Islamic Man Sues Trump For $12M Over Defamation of Islam, Gets Nasty Surprise [VIDEO]

Kamran Malik, a British Muslim activist, decided to sue Donald Trump for defamation of Islam. Unfortunately, it didn’t quite go as Malik planned.


Donald Trump said that London police are afraid to enter some neighborhoods because of radical Muslims. Malik felt that this was defamation… but a judge disagreed.

Judge Victoria McCloud ruled that Malik’s suit, which sought damages against Trump, could not go forward. McCloud said that the case had to be thrown out, even if Trump caused “real upset and a sense of injustice to a section of the London community.” No one likes getting their feelings hurt, but you can’t sue someone for it.

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McCloud also pointed out that the mayor of London, as well as former Prime Minister David Cameron, had condemned Trump’s comments about Muslims in London.

Malik tried to claim that Trump’s comments would inflame tensions and decrease trust between Muslims and non-Muslims. But unfortunately for him, that opinion does not mean that he deserves money from Donald Trump. McCloud said that while she doesn’t agree with what Trump said, she still had to reject the case.

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