JUST IN: After SAVAGE Press Conference, Trump’s Presidential Approval Rating Is…

JUST IN: After SAVAGE Press Conference, Trump’s Presidential Approval Rating Is…

Donald Trump’s most recent press conference has caused quite a stir. It seems that the relationship between Trump and the press is more contentious than ever. The media has been castigating Trump for his performance during the presser, but what did the American people think?

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The latest daily Presidential Tracking Poll from Rasmussen has Trump at a 55% approval rate of Trump’s performance among likely voters, compared to 45% who disapprove. 39% strongly approve and 37% strongly disapprove. This report was released on Friday, so after Trump’s controversial press conference.

The poll also found that a majority of Americans continue to agree with Trump that Islamic terrorism is a major threat to the United States and approve of his temporary ban on refugees and visas from seven Muslim countries. The State Department, meanwhile, has taken advantage of Trump’s executive order being tangled up in the court system to quickly accept refugees and immigrants from the Middle East and from Africa, including countries targeted by Trump’s ban. Most Americans in the Friday report said that they feel this makes them less safe.

Most Americans also said that immigrants who overstay their visas illegally are a threat to national security and should be deported.

Very few Americans currently believe that the regulations on business in the country are where they should be. Trump fears overregulation is damaging the economy and wants to cut two regulations for every one that gets put into place. Most Republicans approve of this measure, while most Democrats do not.

It appears that, despite the media’s efforts to demonize everything Trump does, Americans continue to be largely supportive of the changes Trump is making. If that is the case, then both sides need to back off. The media needs to let go of their bias and report the facts honestly. Trump needs to stop acting like a toddler throwing a temper tantrum and rise above the madness, and behave in a manner befitting his office. Imagine how high his approval ratings could be then.

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