Liberals Sickened When They See How Well Trump Did On Tonight Show! [VIDEO]

Liberals Sickened When They See How Well Trump Did On Tonight Show! [VIDEO]

Those of you who read my posts and articles know that I am not a fan of Trump OR Hillary. But, get a life people. This clip with Jimmy Fallon and Trump is funny. It’s great PR for Trump and humanizes him even more. I actually kind of enjoy Fallon compared to the other liberal comedians out there. Liberals had a meltdown on social media over Fallon and Trump. They called both of them every name in the book. Pathetic.

Donald Trump is at home on television… it is his favorite arena to play in and he is a master at captivating audiences. That’s why he’s the Republican nominee. He has treated politics just as he would any other reality based episode that the masses enjoy. With pretty much the same results.


From BizPac Review:

Donald Trump was in his element trading quips with NBC “Tonight Show” host Jimmy Fallon Thursday night, and the highlight came when the Republican presidential nominee allowed the host to do something one seldom sees: muss up his hair.

Liberals went full-throttle berserk, however.

Fallon observed that at their next meeting Trump “could be the president of the United States,” and asked permission to do something non-presidential before that very real possibility.

Although the audience loved it and screamed in delight, liberal heads immediately exploded and the heads’ owners vented their wrath on social media.

Fallon mussing Trump’s hair is very interesting. Trump’s hair looks like it was layered just right on his head and then wouldn’t go back in place. I’m sure he has a hairdresser in his entourage. Time for some overtime. See, he’s improving the economy already. The audience loved the incident… and you know it was all planned.

At the rate Clinton is imploding, Trump could very well be the next president. Fallon doing comedy with Trump does not make him a bootlicker… it makes him a comedian, you morons. Being on the Tonight Show also doesn’t showcase Trump as a monster, bigot or a racist. I notice that the leftists on Twitter all have the same old talking points: Basket of Deplorables, racist, bigot, monster, hater, xenophobia, Islamophobia… it’s scripted and trite. The one I loved most was the guy that called Trump ‘hell’s court jester’. That’s almost clever and totally inaccurate – see Dante’s Inferno.

I’m pretty sure Fallon is a liberal, but he gives equal time to all sides. Plus, he’s funny. The really funny part though was not the show… it was watching the left come unglued over a comedian giving the Trumpster a noogie.





Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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