LIMBAUGH: Comey Is Part Of The ‘Deep State’ Against Our President!

LIMBAUGH: Comey Is Part Of The ‘Deep State’ Against Our President!

I have to agree with Rush Limbaugh on this after taking in the testimony of James Comey this week. I believe that Comey is part of a shadowy cabal of leftists that are intent on bringing President Trump down. They are now called the ‘Deep State’. It became evident to me this week that Comey had planned this set up of Trump and he almost pulled it off. He screwed up. He mixed up the timeline of when Trump tweeted against him and when the New York Times started leaking details on his meetings with the President. But that’s not all…

Comey’s DOJ friend, the professor who leaked the memo information for Comey is now officially in hiding. Can’t blame him there. He has admitted to being the one to give the info to the New York Times. I contend that Comey broke multiple federal laws, breached confidentiality agreements and violated the guidelines of the FBI by doing all of this. He did it because he doesn’t like Trump and wanted a special counsel on the Russia investigation – that would be Mueller. After these revelations, Mueller, who is a friend of Comey, should be removed from that position for obvious reasons.

From TheBlaze:

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Right-wing talk show host Rush Limbaugh said that former FBI Director was a member of the “deep state,” a name for a shadowy group of government employees who are secretly organizing to undermine President Trump and oppose his agenda. Limbaugh explained why he made this conclusion on his show Friday.

“I am coming around to believe that James Comey has been part of an ongoing effort to entrap President Trump for the express purposes of having him legally charged with whatever offenses they could drum up,” he said.

“I believe that Comey is just one of the many agents in the Washington establishment who have devoted themselves to tricknology, deceit,and all out warfare in an effort to entrap or ensnare Trump or in other ways to flat out just destroy Trump,” he added.

“And the fact that it isn’t working, because one thing’s for sure – after yesterday, nothing changes,” he concluded. “The people that hate Trump are still there and the people that love Trump are still there.”

“And the people that love Trump are becoming more hated,” he added.

This whole thing was planned and carried out to try and charge a sitting president with whatever the left could get away with. Comey never took notes with Obama. He let Hillary and company off and then he turned towards attacking Trump. It’s obvious what side he is on here. What he did is unethical and illegal and Trump’s attorneys are now filing a complaint against him with the DOJ. President Trump was not under investigation and Comey deliberately would not state that to the public. Why? Because he wanted to create the illusion that Trump was indeed dirty and under investigation. It’s that simple.

Comey’s highly anticipated testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee Thursday was called a “complete vindication” by President Trump and his many supporters, including Rush Limbaugh. Detractors, on the other hand, have pointed to Comey’s characterization of their private meetings as evidence that Trump was trying to improperly influence the investigations by the FBI. Even MSNBC’s Chris Matthews admitted that the Russian collusion story appeared to be collapsing. After eight months of digging for dirt, the left has absolutely nothing here. But Limbaugh is right, they will keep trying to trap President Trump and impeach him. It’s what the left does these days. SMH.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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