Limbaugh Speaks Out: ‘This Trip Shows the Real Trump Free of Media Distortion!’

Limbaugh Speaks Out: ‘This Trip Shows the Real Trump Free of Media Distortion!’

Donald Trump is in the middle of his first overseas trip as President and so far, it appears to be going well. While Trump’s administration has been riddled with scandals, controversy and media leaks over his first few months in office, the trip has been surprisingly free of problems. According to Rush Limbaugh, there’s a very simple reason for that: no more media distortion.

Limbaugh claimed on Monday that Trump’s trip shows that the reality of his presidency is being suppressed by the media. Trump has shown us “two completely different presidents,” Limbaugh said.

“One of them is on display, unfiltered for everybody to see, that’s in Saudi Arabia and now Israel. And the other one is in Washington where everything written, broadcast and said is written by anonymous sources in the deep state with no evidence of anything that they’re saying,” he said, arguing that the media has been putting forward a false picture of Trump and the job he’s doing as president. “Trump is kicking butt on this trip, if I may say. Trump is defying, once again, all of the odds and all of the things that were predicted about him.”

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He also said that the Trump who is doing well on his overseas trip is not the same caricature of Trump that the media has been presenting.

“We have been told that Trump is so reckless and so dangerous and so stupid and so uninformed and ill-prepared that he could undo all of the great accomplishments of every president before him combined in less than one week, such a boob is Trump,” Limbaugh explained. “Trump would destroy any chance that our allies in the Middle East ever had of peace or of working with him. The United States and its precious image around the world would be destroyed by this bull-in-the-china-shop man.”

“The news of this weekend, the achievements, the accomplishments, the rave reception that President Trump is getting everywhere he is going, the profound respect… we’re looking at two different presidents here if all we have to go on is the media,” he continued. “Now, how can that be? Well, I can give you one really good answer: The Donald Trump of Washington doesn’t exist, because the Donald Trump of Washington is what is reported in the drive-by media.”

Compare Trump in Saudi Arabia to Trump while he’s in the White House. “The Trump on this trip has been seen and shaped as unfiltered. The media has not been able to get themselves between whatever Trump is doing and saying and you. In Washington, it’s just the exact opposite,” Limbaugh pointed out. “The media is right there, between Trump and you. And the media is telling you who Trump is and what he’s saying and what he’s doing, courtesy of anonymous leaks.”

And it’s not just that Trump is doing a good job, Limbaugh claimed. He’s the exact opposite of Barack Obama whenever he visited foreign leaders. “We have had no apologizing. We’ve had no bowing,” Limbaugh said. “We’ve had a president of the United States actually tell the heads of state of countries where terrorism is rampant to get rid of it, to drive it out. We’ve had a president of the United States directly confront Iran where… our previous president threw everybody else overboard for Iran.”

Do you think Trump’s done a good job on this trip?

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