Meet the Number One Trainer at Trump University: A Convicted Felon Who is STILL Promising He Can Make You Rich

Meet the Number One Trainer at Trump University: A Convicted Felon Who is STILL Promising He Can Make You Rich

Trump University is the scandal that just won’t die. Trump swindled Americans by telling them hand-picked instructors would teach them all of Trump’s own real-estate secrets, but of course, that wasn’t true. In fact, the man who says he was Trump University’s #1 trainer is actually a convicted felon.

james aubrey harris

One of the main speakers at Trump University has brazenly carried on selling dubious get rich quick schemes even after the controversial college shut down.

Convicted felon James A. Harris is hawking real estate coaching sessions that appear near identical to those he ran when working for the leading Presidential candidate.

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The premium packages are even exactly the same price as the $34,995 VIP sessions that were sold at Trump University.

On one of his Facebook pages Harris prominently features a quote from crooked financier Jordan Belfort – the inspiration for the film The Wolf of Wall St.

And despite the controversy over Trump University, Harris still brags about his links to the controversial institution and says that his time there is his ‘biggest claim to fame’.

Trump University ran between 2005 and 2010 until it was shut down amid multiple investigations by state attorneys general.

Trump was also hit with a lawsuit from around 7,000 customers who claimed they had been conned into paying between $1,495 to $34,995 for courses which were worthless.

Instead of being told how to become millionaires they were told to increase their credit limits so they could buy more expensive courses, the lawsuit alleged.

… [B]ack in the 2000s he insisted that Trump University was full of ‘terrific people’ and that he hand-picked what he called ‘terrific brains’ to run the institution.

The lawsuit has disputed that and said that the speakers had very little or no experience at all in real estate.

Among them was James Aubrey Harris Jr, 47, who goes by a number of aliases including Jimmy Harrison and James Harrison.

By the time he was hired by Trump University in 2008 he already had a conviction for aggravated assault, the Daily Beast reported.

According to court records he threatened to kill his ex-wife and was so unstable that when he went to pick up his children one day at school it went into ‘lockdown’.

On Twitter Harris describes himself as ‘Moneymotivator’ and his latest guise is ‘Uncle Jim’, a financial guru who wants to impart his knowledge to the public.

… One of his many video posts is titled: ‘Donald Trumps #1 Trainer = MILLIONS in Real Estate!’ in which he brags about giving people a return of 130 per cent a month by buying into a property deal in Mexico.

In another video Harris appears wearing a smart suit and tells the camera: ‘My biggest claim to fame was that I was the number one three day speaker for Donald Trump’s Trump University for about five years.

‘For from 2006 through 2011 I traveled the nation, every city, all 50 states in the USA.

‘I did the three day events. We were selling packages from $5,000 up to $50,000 for real estate mentoring…

‘…I’m mostly experienced at closing large rooms of 200 people plus, into large high end packages of $50,000 plus. That’s what I’m comfortable doing.

‘In fact the smaller packages of $1,500 or $5,000, I don’t even bring those up, I only promote the high end packages.’

Harris also brags that he worked three day events in which he collected ‘close to $1million in sales’.

He says: ‘My style is very very different than most of the speakers…[I know] how to make people move by pure emotion, by making changes in their lives’.

So these are the people that Trump claims are the best, who he picked himself. If that’s not true, then it proves Trump is a liar and a con man; if it is true, then it brings his judgment into question, not to mention his morals. Either way, it’s not good.

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