Mitt Romney’s Niece Is DEFYING The Family Narrative By Doing THIS

Well, this must be a bitter disappointment to Mitt Romney. His niece is the chair of the Michigan Republican Party and is saying that she will bind herself to Donald Trump honoring the majority of the 1.3 million voters who turned out at the polls in support of the Trumpster. This is not surprising really… she is not saying she is personally for Donald Trump. She is saying as a delegate she will honor the will of the majority of voters in her state. I can understand that. But remember, in a contested convention, after the first ballot, the delegates are unbound. And that is where we are heading folks. If Trump doesn’t win on the first ballot, he will not win.


From Young Conservatives:

Ronna Romney McDaniel, the niece of 2012 Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney and chair of the Michigan Republican Party, told Fox News late Friday that she has chosen to bind herself to Donald Trump going into the party’s July convention because he won the April 8 primary and a majority of the 1.3 million voters who turned out at the polls.

“We want those voters engaged in the process, so as an RNC delegate, I chose to bind myself to the majority vote of Michigan,” McDaniel said, adding that she will remain neutral as state party chairwoman.

McDaniel says she will stay neutral as the state party chairwoman and I believe her. She seems to be a woman of principle. I wish she had gone for Cruz, but I can understand what she is doing. Romney himself is opposing Trump at all costs, but even at that, he would never tell his niece to defy the voters. Trump has all but destroyed the Republican Party and that is a good thing. It needs reformation. The question is… will it go conservative or populist? If Trump is the nominee, most conservatives will leave the party to form another. They will not vote for Trump. I am one of them. Trump has fractured more than the party… he has fractured America. And maybe that was his goal all along.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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