MSNBC Targets Privacy of “Stump for Trump” Girls, The Ladies Respond (VIDEO)

MSNBC Targets Privacy of “Stump for Trump” Girls, The Ladies Respond (VIDEO)

One does not cancel a four hour appointment with the verbally diverse Stump for Trump women and not expect a sassy viral video response.

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This weekend the duo was scheduled to go on MSNBC with Steve Kornacki but they were cancelled at the last second. The ladies said MSNBC wanted to know where they live, the names of their children and names of their employers. Then MSNBC cancelled their segment when they wouldn’t disclose the information. This set them off.

Steve Kornacki of MSNBC scheduled the “Stump for Trump” sensations, Lynette “Diamond” Hardaway and Rochelle “Silk” Richardson, for an interview and canceled at the last moment when the women wouldn’t release their private information such as employer and names of their own children. The vivacious vixens responded with a very clear viral video response in which the best message stated that Steve can “fly to the moon and make some moon pies.”

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There’s two issues with this fiasco. 1) Steve Kornacki doesn’t need their personal info in order to have a discussion about Donald Trump, unless Kornacki wants to discredit the ladies or use their info against them. They’re two middle aged women voicing an opinion. They’re not harming anyone with their videos.  2) The lady on our right has a ton of sass. She would be a great back up MC for LL Cool J, as they’re both in the same age range at this point, amiright? It’s great watching her backup the main “Stump” while sipping some red and eating the relevant food mentioned in her rant.

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