Muslim writer calls Trump an Infidel, then tells us what happens to infidels…

Muslim writer calls Trump an Infidel, then tells us what happens to infidels…

Haroon Moghul, Islamic writer, has gone on record as making an indirect threat on Trump’s life.

While this man has a history of crying about Islamophobia and playing the victim of just about every scenario, when he gets behind a computer screen he becomes a big-talking jerk who issues threats that he can’t follow through on.


From Jihad Watch:

Haroon Moghul is, as I noted yesterday, one of the most ridiculous exponents of the “Islamophobia” victimhood propaganda industry, and he has shown himself to be many times. Obsessed with victimhood, poor Haroon cowers in fear of “Islamophobic” coffee servers: his Starbucks name is not Haroon but “Dwayne” (my Starbucks name, meanwhile, is “Haroon”). When he gets behind a keyboard, however, he is suddenly full of bravado, trafficking in malicious defamation (likening Pamela Geller and me to jihad mass murder mastermind Anwar al-Awlaki) anddishonesty (discounting the reality of jihad terror while magnifying the fiction of “Islamophobia”) and taking advantage of his audience’s ignorance about Islam to invert reality, portraying Muslims as victims of a cruel “Islamophobic” machine, instead of non-Muslims threatened by the global jihad.

Moghul is on a vendetta against President Trump. This is at least the third article he has written savaging the President in as many days. They’re all as whiny, dishonest and vicious as Haroon Moghul can be, but this one is really over the top. Moghul claims that “a year ago, a Twitter account supportive of ISIS responded to one of my articles on pluralism by labeling me a ‘kafir.’ I shrugged it off, until I remembered that for jihadists, the term is tantamount to announcing a death sentence.” This right after Moghul said of Trump: “He is America’s first ‘kafir’ president.”

Do you take this as a threat? Does this man want to see Trump killed in the name of Islam?

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