“NEVERTRUMP” Leader Issues VERY Surprising Post-Election Reactions!

“NEVERTRUMP” Leader Issues VERY Surprising Post-Election Reactions!

A number of conservative leaders opposed Donald Trump’s candidacy as soon as he was nominated, for which they got no shortage of insults and taunts from Trump supporters. They were accused of being secret Hillary supporters, when they weren’t being told that Trump didn’t need their votes to win. And apparently, the latter was right: Trump didn’t need the #NeverTrump crowd to win. So how are they reacting to the news that Trump won?


Erick Erickson, founder of The Resurgent, has been one of the most vocal #NeverTrump leaders. But he showed incredible humility, class and grace in accepting Trump’s win.

He also wrote a blog post for his fellow #NeverTrumpers. “We should model the humility we think Trump does not have,” he wrote. “We are not selling out our principles by wishing Trump well and hoping for the best. We are not selling out our principles by giving him a chance and the benefit of a doubt — a benefit we did not give him when we turned out to be wrong about the election.”

He continued, “The American people disagreed with us. Be humble and recognize it was not because of racism or bigotry or bad motives. It was because people are fearful of the future and think no one in Washington has listened to them. Donald Trump has.”

“It does no one any good for us to wish the President-elect ill. I wish him well. As he becomes the leader of this nation, scripture commands we pray for him. His election is God’s will. We should remember that. God is in charge. Trump is the instrument of His will. Hoping for the best and giving him a chance reflects our principles. Doing so does not abandon our principles,” he concluded.

Bill Kristol, editor of the Weekly Standard, likewise showed class as he realized that Trump would be the next president.

Other #NeverTrump leaders responded in kind, with none of them behaving like the sore losers liberals have been:

Liberals could take some lessons from these people. And the message they are delivering is apt for all Americans: right now, we need to pray for Donald Trump and be committed to holding him, and his fellow Republicans, accountable. They have made a lot of promises to the American people. It’s time to hold them to it.

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