NY Times Very Upset That Donald Trump Puts America First And Foremost, Regardless Of Others

Regardless of any criticism one might have of Donald Trump, and I have quite a few criticism, the man has consistently put America first, even at the expense of others. He’s been unapologetically an America First candidate, and he’ll let you know about it on a constant basis. Bernie Sanders makes you know he cares about Socialism. Hillary makes you know she cares about …… well, Hillary. Donald? America First. This has seemingly given the NY Times a sad

In Donald Trump’s Worldview, America Comes First, and Everybody Else Pays


In Mr. Trump’s worldview, the United States has become a diluted power, and the main mechanism by which he would re-establish its central role in the world is economic bargaining. He approached almost every current international conflict through the prism of a negotiation, even when he was imprecise about the strategic goals he sought. He again faulted the Obama administration’s handling of the negotiations with Iran last year — “It would have been so much better if they had walked away a few times,” he said — but offered only one new idea about how he would change its content: Ban Iran’s trade with North Korea.

Mr. Trump struck similar themes when he discussed the future of NATO, which he called “unfair, economically, to us,” and said he was open to an alternative organization focused on counterterrorism. He argued that the best way to halt China’s placement of military airfields and antiaircraft batteries on reclaimed islands in the South China Sea was to threaten its access to American markets.

“We have tremendous economic power over China,” he argued. “And that’s the power of trade.” He did not mention Beijing’s ability for economic.

I’m not comparing Trump to Ronald Reagan, but, let’s not forget that what seemed a military buildup to combat the Soviet Union was in fact an economic war, forcing the USSR to go bankrupt, to spend themselves into oblivion. There’s obviously more too it than that, but the economics were a major part.

Mr. Trump’s views, as he explained them, fit nowhere into the recent history of the Republican Party: He is not in the internationalist camp of President George Bush, nor does he favor President George W. Bush’s call to make it the United States’ mission to spread democracy around the world. He agreed with a suggestion that his ideas might be summed up as “America First.”

“Not isolationist, but I am America First,” he said. “I like the expression.” He said he was willing to reconsider traditional American alliances if partners were not willing to pay, in cash or troop commitments, for the presence of American forces around the world. “We will not be ripped off anymore,” he said.

Is it any wonder Trump is doing so well at the polls, when combined with his supposed outsider status, anti-illegal alien ideas, and refusal to be politically correct?

Mr. Trump explained his thoughts in concrete and easily digestible terms, but they appeared to reflect little consideration for potential consequences. Much the same way he treats political rivals and interviewers, he personalized how he would engage foreign nations, suggesting his approach would depend partly on “how friendly they’ve been toward us,” not just on national interests or alliances.

Trump has perhaps hit on something most politicians have forgotten here in the United States: we need to be looking at things in a way that helps America first. Ann Althouse thinks the article shows the NY Times treating Trump with respect, and, she could be correct: Maggie Haberman, one of the writers, is generally very good, but, one does get the idea that the NY Times itself is Very Concerned with Trump’s belief in America First. Althouse highlights a few comments

Here’s one of the most up-voted comments over there: “We can quibble about details, but this approach is long overdue. Why even have a country if its citizens are not the primary concern of those in power?” And: “Have to agree that it’s time to play hardball with Saudi Arabia.” And:

You can head over to read the “and”. The full transcript of the interview is here. Perhaps it is high time to put America, and the average American, rather than allies, enemies, and the American political class, first.

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