President Trump Responds To Flynn’s Accusations: LIAR!

President Trump Responds To Flynn’s Accusations: LIAR!

I’m actually glad that President Trump tweeted this, because it cuts to the heart of the matter and is accurate. Trump is not worried because there is no collusion and the investigation doesn’t bother him. “What has been shown is no collusion. There has been absolutely no collusion,” Trump said. “So we’re very happy.” Spoken like a man who has virtually nothing to hide. The left must be devastated. Good. Flynn may have pleaded guilty to lying to federal authorities and he may have agreed to cooperate with Mueller and testify over the whole Russian mess, but that does not transpose to Trump, who got rid of him early in the game… for lying.

President Trump spoke with reporters on it today, just before he left for a series of fundraising events in New York City. He wanted to clear the air before he left over Flynn’s decision to ‘cooperate’ with the special investigation headed by Robert Mueller. As you’ll remember, the reason that Trump originally let Flynn go was his lying to Mike Pence. Then inexplicably, he lied to the FBI. His contacts with the Russians may have been unethical, but they weren’t illegal. However, lying to the FBI is a felony.

“He has pled guilty to those lies. It is a shame because his actions during the transition were lawful,” Trump wrote. “There was nothing to hide!” That’s exactly right. I don’t like the dealings with Russia and I think it is wrong, but it was not illegal. The President did not speak at length on it, but instead focused on the monumental win for the GOP with the Senate Republicans passing the tax reform bill. “We’ll see what happens,” he said, in response to a flurry of follow-up questions from reporters. Yes, we will.

How many times do we have to say it… there is no collusion between Trump, his team and Russia. The White House press office referred questions to Trump’s lawyer, Ty Cobb, who didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.

At a protest Saturday morning across from Cipriani on East 42nd Street in Manhattan — where Trump appeared at a breakfast fundraiser — one sign with a picture of the President read “Putin’s Puppet.” Some protesters also chanted, “New York hates you,” and “Lock him up.” The protesters were focused on the $1.2 trillion tax reform passed by the Senate early Saturday. They are morons.

A number of the protesters alluded to Flynn. “Flynn should spell his guts. He shouldn’t take no bullet for no one,” said Gerard Despinosse, a 65-year-old union organizer from the Bronx who held a sign declaring “Lock Him Up” with a picture of Trump and handcuffs. “Trump has no loyalty to anyone but to himself.” Illiteracy aside, this guy is a raving moonbat. The bottom line is that Flynn made his own bed by lying. There is no collusion with Russia on Trump’s part and all of this lynch mob mentality is just Marxist wishful thinking. Get over it already.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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