Protesters Attempt to SILENCE Trump During Rally – Then Something Beautiful Happens! [VIDEO]

Protesters Attempt to SILENCE Trump During Rally – Then Something Beautiful Happens! [VIDEO]

It’s no secret that Donald Trump has his fair share of detractors. Protesters follow him pretty much everywhere he goes — including his latest rally, in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. But the protesters didn’t get the response they wanted this time.

Trump began his speech Wednesday night by sending his thoughts and prayers to Steve Scalise, who is still recovering from being shot last week during a congressional baseball practice in Alexandria, Virginia. He then moved on to celebrating the Republican victories in South Carolina and Georgia this week.

But Trump was continually getting interrupted by protesters, who booed and heckled the President. The more Trump spoke, the more the protesters ramped up the shouting. For his part, Trump seemed mostly unaffected, waving off the jeers, laughing and remarking, “Never fails.”

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Trump’s supporters, meanwhile, took action. They began chanting “USA!” in an effort to drown the protesters out. And their patriotic response quickly overpowered the protesters.

Police eventually escorted the protesters out; as they were removed from the rally, supporters booed them. Trump, meanwhile, applauded the police. “We love our police!” he said. “We love our police.”

The protests aside, Trump spoke about the “amazing progress” he has made as president during his roughly hour-long speech. Since he took office, he said he has been able to improve the economy and lower unemployment rates. He also spoke about his efforts to fight illegal immigration. Over 6,000 people attended the rally, supporters who want “a government that shows you the same respect and loyalty in return,” Trump said. He also noted that Americans want a president who will put America first, which is what he said he has done as President.

This was Trump’s first visit to Iowa since being sworn in as President; he last visited Des Moines in December.

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