Rasmussen Polling: President Trump’s Approval Rating is Booming


When Donald Trump was elected, the people were shocked. The media had painted this election to be a clear and obvious loss for Donald Trump. But maybe the media did not actually know what they were reporting…

After the inauguration, record protests took place in response to Donald Trump’s inauguration. People all over the globe responded by speaking out and marching in protest to his policies and his previous statements. As a result… his ratings have improved. Wait. What? Yeah. You heard that right. His ratings have improved since Inauguration Day. I think people were surprised to see that he wasn’t actually as crazy as everyone made him out to be.

Breitbart News reported the numbers,

In the four days since his inauguration on Jan. 20, President Trump’s approval index has boomed upward a whopping seven points. Back on January 20—Inauguration Day—Trump’s approval index was plus two points. Now, four days later, it’s plus nine points—after being plus four points on Monday.

At this time, 42 percent of the nation strongly approves of what President Trump is doing, while only 33 percent strongly disapprove—and overall, 57 percent approve of the president, while just 43 percent disapprove.

Trump’s approval rating boom comes after a series of executive actions including one that killed the highly unpopular multinational Pacific Rim trade deal the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), one that reinstated the Mexico City policy of international organizations that receive federal funding being prevented from conducting abortions, and a hiring freeze on federal workers except for in the military.

I expect to see these numbers increase over time. Maybe because everyone is expecting such bad results they are just happy he hasn’t done anything crazy. That is what happens when you let social media tell you what to believe.

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