Red Alert: Doctor Claims Trump Is Suffering From PREDEMENTIA

Red Alert: Doctor Claims Trump Is Suffering From PREDEMENTIA

This again. Another doctor has come out without ever having looked at President Trump and is claiming that he may suffer from predementia. Dr. Ford Vox supposedly specializes in brain disorders. He thinks Trump should be tested. He pointed out several instances of symptoms, but especially Trump slurring words during announcing Israel is the rightful capital of Israel. Go figure. Sarah Huckabee Sanders said it was due to a dry throat. I’ve done the same thing, so I can relate. And I don’t have a brain disorder as far as I know. I highly doubt President Trump has a neurological condition. The left has been saying that since before he was elected. I have one word for you… well two… Hillary Clinton.

The good doctor points to times when Trump has contradicted himself, rambles in interviews, makes faces and forgets to sign bills at bill-signing ceremonies as ‘worrisome symptoms’ of illness. Give me a freaking break. Have you listened to ANYONE on the left lately? Nancy Pelosi forgets what she’s saying every other sentence and stares off into space. And there are a ton of others just as bad as she is on the left. Stop laying your personal biases on Trump’s health. Physician, heal thy self.

Where do they find these people? The left has been dithering since the Jerusalem speech, pontificating on the health of the President. Joe Scarborough claimed “people close to him during the campaign told me [he] had early stages of dementia.” Bull feces. What a freaking liar that man is. And this will make you want to pound your head on the nearest wall. An article at the New York Daily News is making a big deal of Trump mistakenly putting down his birthday as July 14 instead of June 14 on his ballot for New York’s mayoral election last month, possibly rendering his vote invalid. These people drive me nuts.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders has now stated that Trump’s doctor will release his physical examination results early next year. That’s a lot more valid than some doctor proclaiming a prognosis on someone he has never met, much less examined. That’s called an ‘armchair diagnoses’ and it violates the medical code of ethics. In his article, Dr. Vox, a physician and journalist from Atlanta who works at the Shepherd Center, compares Trump’s behavior to patients he has assessed. “Every day of my working life, I evaluate people with brain injuries,” he writes. “It falls to me to make decisions about what is normal and what is not, what can improve and what will not, whether or not my patients can work, what kind of work they can do, and pretty much everything else.” But it does not fall to you to diagnose a sitting President from afar.

This isn’t the first time the left has trotted out a doctor to diagnose Trump. I find that repugnant. I didn’t see them doing this to Obama or Clinton. They think if you are a Republican or conservative, you are impaired mentally and that is why this happens. This doctor says that Trump’s tweeting of Britain First last week is a sign of social and behavioral decline. Again, bull crap. The President appears extremely healthy to me and a lot more sane than most on the left. Please spare us the quackery.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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