Reince Priebus To Donald Trump: Stop Whining

Donald Trump has been losing contests as of late, and has been complaining almost non-stop about it. Reince Priebus has a message for The Donald

(The Hill) Republican National Committee (RNC) chairman Reince Priebus late Tuesday pushed back at criticism from GOP front-runner Donald Trump that the primary process is unfair.

“Nomination process known for a year + beyond. It’s the responsibility of the campaigns to understand it. Complaints now? Give us all a break,” Priebus tweeted.

It is the second time in as many days that the RNC chairman has taken to Twitter to push back on Trump, tweeting late Monday that “the rules were set last year. Nothing mysterious –nothing new.”

His latest remarks came after Trump claimed during a town hall Tuesday night on CNN that he didn’t think the RNC wanted him to secure the nomination, blasting the “very unfair” nomination process.

“I know the rules very well, but I know it’s stacked against me by the establishment,” Trump said during the town hall in New York ahead of the state’s primary next week.

Whenever Trump loses, he either complains, insults, or sulks. When he wins, he crows

Take a chill, Donald. You sound like a liberal, you know, those who are still not over Bush winning Florida in 2000. You can’t win them all. Some people support Cruz over you.

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