Steve Bannon Awarded Permanent Seat At The National Security Table

Steve Bannon Awarded Permanent Seat At The National Security Table

In a move that is being called “unprecedented,” President Donald Trump has issued an executive order that directs an “invitation-only” to high-ranking national security officials to join National Security Council meetings, while promoting contentious adviser Steve Bannon to a lasting seat at the table.


The order was signed Saturday and gives the power to “issues pertaining to their responsibilities and expertise are to be discussed,” and gives, Bannon, the former chair of Breitbart News, the option to sit in on and attend any of the NSC meetings.

While the move has some precedent, the involvement of Bannon to a permanent seat in these national security meetings has many disagreeing with the move and doubting the intentions of the controversial former media head.

Bannon is defined by many on the left as a “white nationalist,” although he has mocked that description and revealed to CNN in November he considers himself an “economic nationalist.”


Bannon has been a moving target for Democratic disapproval since the President chose him. Many liberals have pointed to controversial Breitbart headlines — items that deride “trannies,” tagged Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol a “renegade Jew” and more — in pleading for the President to let Bannon go.

He shook off that criticism, casting it as failure on the side of Democrats who wrongly predicted Trump to lose.

Bannon shared concerning the matter: “They were ready to coronate Hillary Clinton. That didn’t happen, and I’m one of the reasons why. So, by the way, I wear these attacks as an emblem of pride.”

His permanent seat at NSC meetings, which primary mission is to counsel the president on national security and foreign affairs, has many questioning just how influential Bannon is within the President’s inner circle.

The President has made his choice. Nothing illegal has been committed, so onward we press. The left and it’s counterpart media will continue to scream bloody murder no matter what happens – so just keep going.

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