Tiger Woods pens praise for Trump: “IMPRESSIVE!”

Tiger Woods pens praise for Trump: “IMPRESSIVE!”

Tiger Woods has always struck me as fairly neutral when it comes to politics. He’s shows deference to whomever is president and that is smart. Recently, he got to play with President-elect Donald Trump and they had a great time. Tiger Woods was impressed that Trump could play the way he did at his age… I don’t think America is surprised though. Trump is in amazing shape and just exudes strength and good health. Many men half his age couldn’t keep up with him.

“Donald Trump hits it long.” Those same words from Woods could be used to describe Trump’s candidacy and ascension to the White House. Evidently Trump enjoys golf and since Tiger Woods plays his courses, it figures they would hang out together. They talked about a lot of things and bantered sports and politics, I would wager. Both are iconic figures and fascinating individuals. I’m sure they enjoyed each other’s company immensely.

From Tiger Woods:

I recently played with President-elect Donald Trump. What most impressed me was how far he hits the ball at 70 years old. He takes a pretty good lash.

Our discussion topics were wide-ranging; it was fun. We both enjoyed the bantering, bickering and needling. I also shared my vision for golf and what I’m trying to do.

We didn’t have a match and played for fun. I was testing drivers and fairway woods, and changed some settings. I think he enjoyed seeing the difference in shots when you experiment.

I’ve now had the privilege of playing golf with Mr. Trump, George H. W. Bush, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, and I appreciate the opportunity.

Tiger Woods is laser focused these days on golf and improving his game. “My goal is simple: to win,” he said. I doubt he’s had much time for politics and I have no idea who he voted for, if he voted at all. But Woods and Trump seemed to be on very good terms and they like each other.

Woods also noted that he was gifted some “Make Tiger Great Again” shirts at the Ryder Cup by some of the golfers on the U.S. team. Clever. “They got me good in the team room Friday night,” wrote Woods who was a vice captain on the team. “It was hot, and they all wore these red, white and blue onesies with ‘USA’ on the front, a gift from Rickie Fowler. Zach Johnson stood up and thanked me for my contributions to the game. He had given every player a red T-shirt, which they wore under the onesies. They all stood, unzipped the front, and the T-shirt read, ‘MAKE TIGER GREAT AGAIN.'”

Looks like Tiger Woods may have a great year, just as President-elect Donald Trump will. He’s working at making golf great again and America will be watching.

This year Tiger will play in an event at Riviera Country Club for the first time since 2006. (Getty Images)

This year Tiger will play in an event at Riviera Country Club for the first time since 2006. (Getty Images)

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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