BREAKING: Trump Announces U.S. Is Pulling From MASSIVE UN Agency!

BREAKING: Trump Announces U.S. Is Pulling From MASSIVE UN Agency!

On Tuesday, it was announced that the United States is going to pull its membership from the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. It should be noted that we have been attempting to distance ourselves from UNESCO for years, but Trump was finally the one to pull the plug.

I mean seriously, how can you take any organization for “education, science and culture” seriously when they recognize Palestine as a member? Those people are hell-bent on eradicating Israel and its Jewish population, and they’re not even a nation, yet they’re allowed in? No thank you.

Funny enough, this is exactly why Trump decided to sever ties with the organization. He cited “anti-Israel bias” as the driving force behind the move and according to a State Department statement, “This decision was not taken lightly.”

The official withdrawal will occur on December 31st and is a win for conservatives, pro-Israel allies and those among us who hate Palestine’s genocidal ways.

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One of the reasons UNESCO is considered anti-Semitic by Israel is that in July, it declared Hebron a “Palestinian World Heritage site.” For those who may be unaware, Hebron is the home of the Tomb of the Patriarchs. Israelis believe that the city is the birthplace of the Jewish people and called on the United States to slash funding to the organization after the controversial move.

They have also recently passed a resolution on “Occupied Palestine,” stating that Israel has no legal or historical claim to Jerusalem, their capital. (Literally all of history begs to differ, but what do I know?)

But the withdrawal doesn’t mean that we are going to be completely cutting communication with UNESCO. America will continue conversations with the group and offering an “American perspective,” but we will no longer be active in the organization.

Honestly, the United States needs to pull out of the United Nations as a whole and kick them off of our turf. The anti-Israel and anti-Semitic sentiments of UNESCO are the tip of the anti-Jewish iceberg at the UN. They continually side with Muslims over Israel and it should not be tolerated. We cannot allow the targeting of Israel’s people simply because one particular religion can’t deal with the fact that Jews have a right to exist. As long as the United States of America exists, we will not stand for the genocide of the Jewish people. Never again will we allow them to be victimized by those who blame them for the world’s ills.

Thank you, President Trump, for pulling out of UNESCO. Let’s hope it doesn’t end here.

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