Trump Begins to Court Muslims

Many have supported Donald Trump because they took seriously his preposterous assertion that he would bar Muslims from entering the country — even though he first started barking this lie soon after averring that we had to allow the flood tide of “refugees” pouring out of the Middle East and Africa into the USA on the grounds that they are “living in hell.” Wanting to avoid the alarming problems Europe has brought upon itself through massive Muslim immigration is understandable; believing the obviously false promises of a pandering demagogue is not. He hasn’t even officially sewn up the nomination and already Trump is spinning around on his heel to court Muslims:

Donald Trump’s top foreign policy adviser has quietly opened backchannels within Muslim and Middle Eastern communities in the U.S. in an attempt to win over a small but increasingly important voting bloc.

Walid Phares, a top national security adviser for Trump, has been courting prominent Muslim Republicans and conservative Middle Eastern activists in the U.S.

Some Muslim Republicans and conservative Middle Eastern activists have also engaged with other top campaign officials about furthering Trump’s outreach to those communities.

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For example,

Saba Ahmed, who founded the Republican Muslim Coalition and shot to fame after debating a Trump surrogate on Fox News Channel while clad in a stars-and-stripes hijab, said she texts and emails with campaign manager Cory Lewandowski and other Trump officials regularly.

Ahmed says she supports Trump despite his call to temporarily ban Muslims from entering the country. She said Trump’s proposal is nothing more than election-year rhetoric that has no chance of ever becoming law.

“Something like that could never be enacted so I can ignore it,” Ahmed said.

Smart girl. She knows Trump never had any intention of attempting to enact such a ban, which would be both unconstitutional and infeasible. He was just shouting what the mob wanted to hear, secure in the belief that he could get away with lying straight into the faces of his supporters, who don’t seem to mind it.

Trump has confirmed that like his promise to deport all the illegal aliens, his Muslim ban is negotiable — i.e., it is on its way out the window. He has also dismissed it as “just a suggestion.”

Unlike Ahmed, some Muslims are slow to embrace Trump because of the character issue:

American Islamic Forum for Democracy […] founder Zuhdi Jasser, who first supported Marco Rubio and later backed Cruz, is emblematic of the challenges Trump still faces in reaching skeptical conservatives of all stripes.

“I’m a lifetime Republican and a conservative and believe that Muslims need a candidate who gives us tough love and recognizes that we need to come to terms with an ideology that is sometimes incompatible with the Constitution,” Jasser said.

“But Trump is irrational and shallow and I can’t support him because of his character. His entire campaign has been scorched-earth and I have an ethical compass that I live by. I won’t support him just because the ends seem to justify the means.”

This guy definitely does not belong aboard the Trump Train.

Saba Ahmed, Muslim Trumpster.

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