Trump Drops Bomb on CNN – Calls Them Out for Being FAKE NEWS!

Trump Drops Bomb on CNN – Calls Them Out for Being FAKE NEWS!

CNN has been pushing a story about the investigation into possible collusion between Donald Trump and Russia, but it blew up in their faces. After the story turned out to be false, three employees were forced to resign and a major shakeup took place behind the scenes. And now, Trump himself is calling CNN out.

It’s not surprising that Trump would be paying close attention to media coverage of the Russia investigation — and of the aftermath, after the story had to be retracted. And of course, he chimed in on Twitter:

Last week, CNN released a statement admitting that the story was false and had been retracted and issued a formal apology to Anthony Scaramucci, a Trump ally who had been named in the story.

Scaramucci graciously accepted the apology, saying, “CNN did the right thing. Classy move. Apology accepted. Everyone makes mistakes. Moving on.” Still, the scandal and ensuing embarrassment caused a lot to be changed behind the scenes. A memo was leaked from CNNMoney Executive Editor Rich Barbieri demanding that all stories on Russia be cleared by himself or another top editor before being published. “No one should publish any content involving Russia without coming to me and Jason [Farkas],” the memo read. “This applied to social, video, editorial, and MoneyStream. No exceptions. I will lay out a workflow Monday.”

And not long after that, Trump retweeted a graphic renaming CNN the “Fake News Network”.


Do you think CNN can recover from this scandal?

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