Trump Exposes Dark Secret – This Isn’t Good…

Trump Exposes Dark Secret – This Isn’t Good…

It’s no secret that the GOP establishment doesn’t like the idea of a Donald Trump Presidency. Odds are they’re going to like him even less after they hear THIS.

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From Conservative Tribune:

One of the key aspects of billionaire businessman and presidential candidate Donald Trump’s campaign thus far has been the view that he is an outsider who will disrupt the politics-as-usual, status quo establishment in D.C.

There is obviously some validity to that notion, as establishment forces from both major parties have aligned themselves to prevent him from gaining the GOP nomination or the White House in what is known as the #NeverTrump movement.

Trump addressed those disparate groups and individuals in the #NeverTrump movement during a recent campaign rally in Superior, Wisconsin, according to The Hill.

“You know what these are? These are establishment people that don’t want to see it happen because they’re all on the trough; they’re all making a lot of money. I don’t even think in many cases they care who wins; they want to keep it going,” Trump told the gathered audience.

“If they worked this hard to stop Obama, Obama wouldn’t have had a chance, you know that?” Trump added.

He went on to note the growing chorus of voices working toward a contested convention in which the nomination could be pulled away from the clear front-runner and given to someone else, perhaps even someone who isn’t even running, saying, “My eyes are wide open.”

What do you think about the #NeverTrump movement?

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