Trump Gives to Dems, Trump Takes From 9/11 Funds

Donald Trump has been generous with his fortune, at least toward liberal Democrats, as this list of his donations demonstrates:


But when it comes to September 11, an event he has eagerly exploited in his demagoguery, it was the Donald himself who had his hand out:

The billionaire did not make a single contribution to any of the not-for-profit groups that were formed in the wake of the terror attack to provide aid to survivors, rescue workers, or the families of cops and firemen who died trying to save others. Just as we reported a few months ago. …

But what makes Trump’s cold shoulder to September 11 victims and their families even more galling is the fact that the tycoon put his hand out when government officials offered recovery money to small companies affected by the attacks.

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As reported by the New York Daily News in January 2006, the Trump firm that owns the office tower at 40 Wall Street applied for a grant from the Empire State Development Corporation (ESDC), the New York state agency that distributed federal money earmarked for small businesses.

Trump’s company received a $150,000 check to cover losses incurred at the 72-story building, which is several blocks east of the World Trade Center site.

The News reported that Trump got the six-figure handout because the ESDC “ignored the federal definition of a small business and adopted a much looser standard” when it came to approving grants.

Donations to Democrats help keep the wheels greased.


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