Trump Goes There… Says ‘We’ll See’ When Asked About Attacking North Korea [VIDEO]

Trump Goes There… Says ‘We’ll See’ When Asked About Attacking North Korea [VIDEO]

North Korea is playing a dangerous game by throwing around the idea of attacking their neighbors and by proclaiming that they have a hydrogen bomb on a long-range missile. (We all know that’s a not-so-well-veiled threat at the United States.)

When asked how the United States is going to respond to the chubby moron up North and his threats, he pulls out the most Trump response I’ve ever seen.

Trump issued a series of tweets about the tension between the United States and North Korea, and they’re about what you’d expect from this President.

He’s absolutely right. The continued and escalating hostilities are not going to end well for North Korea and we’re going to need as many allies as possible to destroy them as quickly as possible. The time for negotiation is over. Now, we’re all about the action. If they keep threatening us, they’re going to find out that we’re not the Obama America that will bend over backwards to appease them.

He also mentioned the idea of completely cutting off all trade with North Korea as a way to get them to shape up. If that doesn’t work then… “we’ll see.”

Pollster Frank Luntz listed North Korea’s top trade partners.

While leaving Church on Sunday, Trump was asked whether the US is going to launch an attack on North Korea.

Below is a video of his response:

Now this is obviously not something that Trump will decide on his own. He will be meeting with military experts to discuss at length all of the possible actions we can take that will hopefully lead to the least amount of bloodshed, but everyone knows that this can only end one way.

Kim Jong-Un only understands force. Anything less is considered weakness and he will exploit that until someone puts their nuclear foot down.

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