Trump HUMILIATES Obama During Philippines Trip

Trump HUMILIATES Obama During Philippines Trip

Despite heavy protest from even some of Trump’s supporters, Trump met with Rodrigo Duterte, the leader of the Philippines. He’s also a strong man, dictator and he’s violently nuts, but whatever. The two bonded over their dislike of Barack Obama and Trump was happy to humiliate the former president. I can’t say I blame him on that count. Duterte has been fighting a major war on drug dealers and Jihadists in his country. My problem with him, is even if someone is just accused, he has given citizens permission to murder them in the streets. That’s barbaric and not the place of the citizenry.

“The relationship appears to be very warm and very friendly,” Duterte spokesman Harry Roque told reporters after they met in Manila on Monday. “They’ve been very candid in their dealings, and it’s very apparent that both of them have a person who they consider as not their best friend. They have similar feelings toward former U.S. President Barack Obama.” Ouch… but it does give me a warm fuzzy, although it was not what I would call very presidential.

I might note here that the White House did not confirm this happened, so it could just be propaganda from Duterte. He’s not long on truth. This is a guy who admits to killing a guy because he got mad at him. He jokes about rape frequently as well. He’s a thug. In my book, Trump should not have met with him. Before the meeting, Trump said he had a “great relationship” with Duterte and called the regional meetings in Manila “very successful.” They both ignored shouted questions about alleged abuses carried out under Duterte’s deadly battle against narcotics. Not surprised there.

I understand Trump’s political move here. Before, Duterte was pivoting towards China. I think Trump wants to keep all of them on speaking terms for business and he is hoping it will also lead to lasting peace. Trump on Monday also held a three-way meeting with Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, both U.S. allies, and separately met with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He claims he made “big progress” on trade during his 11-day Asia trip and says he will make a statement on North Korea and trade when he returns to the U.S.

Who can forget last year when Duterte told Obama he could “go to hell” after the former U.S. president called for his drugs war to be fought “in a way that’s consistent with basic international norms.” First off, that’s not Obama’s business. And you can’t blame a leader for getting ticked that another country’s leader is sticking his nose in his business. We don’t do that unless it is war or genocide of some sort. With Trump, the harsh feelings all changed. “We are your ally,” Duterte said to Trump. “We are an important ally.” And that is true as the South China Sea tensions mount.

U.S. Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said that human rights was briefly discussed in the context of the drug war. They also spoke of ISIS and trade. I’m sure China came up as well. Duterte’s spokesman disputed that account, adding that Trump “appeared sympathetic” when the Philippine president explained about the country’s drug problems during their 40-minute meeting. I think Duterte is being selective on what occurred here. “There was no mention of human rights,” Roque told reporters. “There was no mention of extrajudicial killings. There was only a rather lengthy discussion about the Philippine war on drugs with President Duterte doing most of the explaining.” Excuse me if I doubt the honesty of a mad man.

Trump also allegedly asked why U.S. cars face higher tariffs than Japanese automobiles, Roque said, and said he would study a potential bilateral trade deal with the Philippines. He added that the U.S. administration seemed most interested in trade. That I believe. Duterte is infamous for his profanity-laced outbursts and temper. But he seems genuinely fond of Trump. I don’t know whether to cringe or be relieved.

At a gala dinner on Sunday night, Duterte sang a Filipino love song “upon the orders of the Commander-in-Chief of the United States,” according to a video posted on Twitter by a Philippine government official. It’s awful. You should get combat pay for just having to listen to that crap. Does he even get that he looks like a fool doing that?

Foreign Secretary Alan Peter Cayetano says the meeting will “move our relationship forward.” “There is no doubt that there were some ill feelings, there were some hills and valleys in our relationship with the U.S., especially at the latter end of the Obama administration,” Cayetano said. “But it’s been repaired and strengthened by President Trump.” Who says a Commander-in-Chief can’t be a diplomat? It looks like Trump is very good at it.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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