Trump Makes HUGE Announcement About Supreme Court – Americans Go WILD!

Trump Makes HUGE Announcement About Supreme Court – Americans Go WILD!

Well, figuratively. The Supreme Court was the first subject of the debate. Hillary Clinton came out supporting gay rights and abortion. As Andrew Klavan pointed out, nowhere in the Constitution will you find the right to kill the unborn. It was her typical Marxist bull crap that shows she will appoint liberals to the Supreme Court. But let us not forget, the president may nominate, but the Senate confirms. So, a president does not have carte blanche on Supreme Court appointments. That’s the way it should be.

Donald Trump came out and made a huge announcement concerning the Supreme Court… and it makes absolutely no sense to me. He vows to overturn Roe vs. Wade automatically – the landmark abortion decision by the Supreme Court. He can’t do that. It’s not within a president’s constitutional power to do so. Then he says a completely contradictory statement when he says it would be left to the states to decide. Which does he mean? That he will be a strongman and overturn a Supreme Court ruling through executive fiat? Or that he will make it a states’ issue? They are not the same thing by any means.


From Allen West:

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Donald Trump had some very strong thoughts and a declaration that will shake the liberal community to its core.

As the Washington Times reports, Donald Trump told voters the Supreme Court is “what it’s all about” in this election as he and Hillary Clinton squared off for their final debate ahead of the election, vowing to appoint justices who would be conservative and would overturn the Roe v. Wade abortion decision.

“That will happen automatically,” Mr. Trump said at the top of the debate.

He also followed up that it would be left to the states to decide.

Naturally, Twitter erupted…




Neither candidate seems capable of separating policy from constitutionality or even knowing the difference. I find that very, very disturbing. Trump is insinuating that the election comes down to the Supreme Court, but we have absolutely no definitive proof that Trump will nominate conservatives or more importantly Constitutional originalists. We know for a fact that anyone Clinton nominates will be a Marxist, but Trump has never been clear on who he would select.

Everyone has their own issue this election. Mine is the Constitution and always has been. Yes, there is a chance that Trump will nominate conservative judges to the court. Once again, they must be approved by the Senate. If Trump had taken a solid stance that did not change on this issue, I would have an easier time supporting him. But I still cannot tell what he will do regarding the court and words at this point are just words.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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