Trump Was Right! Stats Show London Now More Dangerous Than New York

Trump Was Right! Stats Show London Now More Dangerous Than New York

When President Trump put out a tweet claiming that London is more dangerous than New York, his critics began foaming at the mouth.

Of course as with most things, the liberals bashing him didn’t do their homework and ended up with egg on their face. Not like we could expect anything less from a group of people who have made a career out of deceiving people, manipulating or flat-out ignoring facts, and deflecting away from the issue at hand.

Police investigate the beheading of a London Officer

Statistics show that the crime rate in the United Kingdom is up 13%, with the events taking place in London being blamed for much of the increase. This makes the area even more dangerous than New York, one of the most dangerous places in the United States.

President Donald Trump took the opportunity to blame the violence on the increase in the number of Muslim “refugees” being allowed into the country.

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This didn’t exactly please everyone and the former leader of the Labor Party felt the need to chime in.

You’re going to sit there and tell me that the increasing number of terror-related attacks, the attacks on women by “migrants” and random beheadings happening in the United Kingdom, have nothing to do with a growing population of people who have ties to terror, a less-than-stellar record on women’s rights and a habit of beheading people who displease them? Really? Or are you going to agree with London’s mayor that this kind of violence is “part and parcel of living in a big city”? These numbers are absolutely unacceptable and the people deserve better, so why won’t their politicians address the issues facing their constituents?

Perhaps they’re okay with their people being beaten, raped, robbed and killed because their addiction to political correctness is so strong that even daring to question it evokes a violently defensive response? It seems to me that they are willfully ignoring something that constitutes a very large problem in their country because they don’t want to anger Muslims, liberals and progressives. When your country becomes more dangerous than the state of New York, you need to evaluate what you’re doing wrong and attempt to correct it. There is no reason why people should be defending such a large increase in crime. If Muslims are indeed responsible for it, we need to know and the people need to be able to defend themselves.

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