Trump Runs Out of Gas in Detroit

Any grownups who were still supporting Trump probably gave up after the GOP debate in Detroit last night. John Fund watched it with “several soft Trump supporters” and saw their mouths hang agape at Trumpisms like these:

– Donald Trump discussed a part of his anatomy not normally part of serious conversations.

Trump actually guaranteed the audience at a presidential debate that he is well endowed. That is what this character has done to the level of discourse.

– Trump refused to allow release of an off-the-record interview with the New York Times on his flexibility on immigration enforcement. He said he would refuse because he respected the off the record nature of the conversation, but didn’t deny he had softened his stance somewhat at the New York Times meeting.

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How insultingly disingenuous to respect the “off the record nature of the conservation” when it is only his own privacy being protected.

– Trump was confronted by Fox questioner Megan Kelly about the fraud suits against Trump University and defended himself with a two-minute filibuster on the subject which alternated between incoherent and unbelievable.

Drumpf came across like a cheap chiseler whose con had been revealed, and who was desperately trying to talk his way out of getting reported to the police.

The soft supporters’ mouths probably also hung open when Trump crowed like a rooster that he beat Cruz in a CNN poll, only to have Cruz point out that according to that same poll, Shrillary would beat Trump easily but lose to Cruz.

In sharp contrast to the Donald, Cruz made calm, presidential arguments for solving the nation’s serious problems through a commitment to its founding principles. The choice between them is a no-brainer for conservatives.

But then, Trump’s appeal isn’t to conservatives; that’s why he only wins in states with open primaries (the sole exception being the Nevada caucus; thanks a lot, Las Vegas).


Not a hard choice.

Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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