Trump Saves $5 Million More Than Obama On White House Salaries

President Donald Trump is doing his part to help the American people save money by employing fewer people that the Obama administration and the breakdown is staggering.

If you were wondering if the Trumps were going to live the same lavish lifestyle as the Obamas (taking into consideration their history as millionaires), the answer to that is “absolutely not.”

Trump currently employs 377 people, compared to Obama’s 476, which means that Trump is spending $35.8 million while Obama spent a total of $40.9 million.

Another significant difference is that Michelle Obama had retained 24 staffers as First Lady, where Melania Trump only has 4. Mrs. Trump only needs a Chief of Staff, a Deputy Chief of Staff, a Communications Director and a Scheduler. I’ve got to say for a woman who could be extremely high maintenance due to who she and her husband are, Melania is shockingly frugal when it comes to personal staff. She does also come across as a woman who likes to handle her own business, which is a distinct advantage when it comes to saving the taxpayers money.

The CEO of Open Books told Forbes that the “four-year savings on the White House payroll could top $22 million,” assuming that Trump keeps his promise to accept a $1 salary and give the rest back to the US Treasury.

This could be the beginning of Trump saving America a lot of money and hopefully failing to add more money to the debt. I don’t know that we have enough time even with an 8-year presidency for him to begin chipping away at it, especially with the wars we’re fighting, but stemming the flow is a good first step.

Trump is definitely headed in the right direction. In order to continue, he needs our support. Even those who don’t like him for whatever reason must know that this is a good thing.

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