Trump Saw Troops Standing Guard During Christmas, So He Broke Out his Checkbook

Trump Saw Troops Standing Guard During Christmas, So He Broke Out his Checkbook

One of the most important jobs in the United States, if not the world, is to protect the President. This means daily diligence and sometimes it also means being away from your family on holidays including Christmas. Luckily, we have a President who cares about the people who protect and serve him, and who is willing to do whatever it takes to make them feel welcome.

This is a stark contrast to the last 8 years, where it seemed like President Obama treated his staff as servants instead of normal people with lives and families.

When President Trump decided to celebrate Christmas with his family in Mar-a-Lago, he realized that it takes a lot of staff to keep him safe. That’s when he pulled out his checkbook and did something that you wouldn’t expect of a man who is being portrayed as a demon who eats babies and feasts on the fears of orphans and single mothers.

In fact, even CNN was force to report on it without their usual bias.

While you might think this is your standard sweet story, there is a twist: Trump paid for all of this out of his own pocket. You and me didn’t have to spend a dime to feed the men and women who work so tirelessly to make sure that Trump is protected. That’s what a real leader looks like.

The meals were offered for 6 hours and included a full Christmas spread. Almost makes me wish I were on the President’s security detail.

Again, while President Trump may have his faults, I think deep down he’s a really good guy. At the very least, he has a kind streak that encompasses everyone who helps him out. That is something we need to see more of in our leadership. I’m sick of politicians who think that everything is about them and they do little to nothing to give back to the people who elected them to that position in the first place.

Trump didn’t care about the political leanings of these people, he didn’t ask them if they were gay or straight, he just did what anyone with a soft heart and deep pockets would do and arranged for a feast to be served so they could partake in Christmas, even if they couldn’t be home.

This story warms my heart and it makes me glad to know that we have a leader so dedicated to helping people out.

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