Trump Says Obama Doesn’t Care About Black People

Do you agree with him?

Donald Trump has a well-deserved reputation for not holding anything back, and a valuable political skill for challenging the legitimacy of his opponents’ rhetorical premise.

So it should be little surprise that Trump, who is subjected to never-ending accusations of bigotry and racism thanks to his refusal to conform to the boundaries of political correctness, would attack Barack Obama on the president’s signature claim; namely, that as the first black president he has been a crucial asset in that community’s fight for advancement.

Says Trump: fiddlesticks. Obama couldn’t care less.

“Think of it,” Trump said at a rally in Manassas, Va. “Obama, your African-American youth — 51 percent unemployment, right? You guys our age, they have unemployment that’s double or triple what other people have. What the hell has he done for the African-Americans? He’s done nothing. He’s done nothing. I don’t think he cares about them. He’s done nothing. It’s all talk, it’s all words with this guy.”

“He’s an unbelievable divider,” the celebrity businessman continued. “I thought he’d be a great cheerleader for the country, that’s one thing I thought. I said he’d unify the country and he’s really divided the country. We’re going to unify the country and set records with the African-American vote.”

Trump is finishing a week which began with meetings between himself and a number of prominent black pastors, some of whom subsequently endorsed him. It’s clear that he’s attempting to move the black vote in the 2016 election in the event he’s the nominee.

If he’s successful in his stated goal of turning 25 percent of the black vote Republican in the 2016 cycle, he will have destroyed any hope for the Democrats to hold the White House. To have any hope of reaching that goal will take aggressive measures aimed at delegitimizing Obama and the Democrat establishment.

Meaning you’ll see much more to come along these lines. And with Trump blazing a trail, it’s a matter of time before other Republican candidates follow along with much more aggressive rhetoric aimed at sticking pins in the narrative of Obama and the Democrats providing salvation to the black community.

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