Trump Scores HUGE Victory Over Obama As New Circuit Judge Is Confirmed

Trump Scores HUGE Victory Over Obama As New Circuit Judge Is Confirmed

It seems like President Trump is hell-bent on undoing every ounce of Obama’s “progress” while he’s in the White House and he got another step closer to doing exactly that on Thursday.

Trump’s 19th federal judge was appointed by the Senate, which already puts him up 5 from Obama’s 14 appointments during the first year of his Presidency.

Judge James Ho was certified by the American Bar Association as “well qualified” for the position. It’s the highest ranking one can receive.

The Senate confirmed Ho in a 53-43 vote, where Democrat Senators Heidi Keitkamp, Joe Donnelly and Claire McCaskill, all sided with Republicans to push him through. You know you’re doing it right when even the Democrats think you’d be the right person for the job despite being chosen by a President that they don’t particularly like.

Of course that could be because Ho is a Taiwanese immigrant who is a staunch advocate for birthright citizenship, which Trump is against.

That being said, he is the first Asian-American to be appointed to the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals in the United States, bringing some diversity to the bench. That, along with his immigrant status and stance on birthright citizenship, might be some of the reason that Democrats chose to vote for his appointment.

“As you’ve noticed, as soon as the circuit judge comes out of committee, I call ‘em up. I’m in charge of the schedule,” said Mitch McConnell, who stressed the importance of confirming all of Trump’s judges. “I gotta choose what to bring up. Confirmation of circuit court judges is my top priority.”

Ho is also the third federal appeals court judge to be confirmed this week alone, which is a surprisingly efficient move on the part of the Senate, who many believe to be delaying Trump’s appointments out of spite.

However, a source confirmed that Brett Talley and Jeff Mateer, both of whom are looking for positions in district courts, “will not be moving forward” with their nominations.

“He has offered to withdraw his nomination thus it will not be moving forward,” said one unnamed source of Talley. Mateer, on the other hand, has offered some extreme rhetoric, including calling transgender children part of “Satan’s plan.” The Human Rights Campaign President Chad Griffin thinks that this alone should have put him out of the running for Trump’s nomination, though these comments surfaced only recently.

Do you think it should be of the utmost importance for the Senate to confirm Trump’s judicial nominees? Let us know in the comments!

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