Trump Set to RE-NAME the Office of the First Lady To…

Trump Set to RE-NAME the Office of the First Lady To…

There has been much talk of Melania Trump’s role as First Lady, especially after the news broke that she would be staying in Manhattan with her son, Barron, rather than move into the White House. Instead, Donald Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, will reportedly be taking her place. So with that in mind, Trump decided to rename the Office of the First Lady.

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During Trump’s term as president, the office will instead be known as the Office of the First Family. It adds fuel to the fire of speculation that Ivanka will be acting as the First Lady. The office will continue to be in the East Wing of the White House, where Michelle Obama and her staff worked.

Still, despite this news, there has been no word from Donald Trump about what role Ivanka will play in his administration. Her husband, Jared Kushner, however, has been named a senior adviser to the president. This could make for a sticky situation, thanks to a 1967 federal law put into place after John F. Kennedy hired his brother, Robert F. Kennedy, as attorney general. The law states that “no public official can hire a family member, including one related by marriage, to an agency or office over which he has authority.” As Kushner will not be overseeing a government agency or office, Trump technically will not be flouting this rule. Kushner also will reportedly not be receiving a salary and Kushner’s lawyers are allegedly prepared to argue that this makes them exempt from nepotism rules.

Officially, the Office of the First Lady is a relatively new creation. It was formed in 1977 and is mostly a “ceremonial” office. Some have argued that it should be disbanded altogether. Will Trump’s decision be the first step towards doing just that?

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