Trump Spars With Univision Reporter, Kicks Him Out, Lets Him Back In

Did you catch this?

(CNN) Jorge Ramos, the Univision anchor and journalist, extensively squabbled with Donald Trump twice in testy exchanges at a news conference before his rally here in Dubuque, with a security officer at one point ejecting Ramos from the event.

“Go back to Univision,” Trump told Ramos early in their first back-and-forth. Ramos had attempted to engage with Trump on his positions though he had not been called upon, standing and lobbing concerns about Trump’s plan at the candidate.

“Sit down. Sit down. Sit down,” Trump said.

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Ramos started his schtick immediately at the start of the press conference, and hadn’t been called on. Trump asked him to wait his turn, giving Ramos a chance to be civil. Ramos wasn’t, so, he was escorted out. He was later allowed back in, and Trump engaged him for a goodly chunk of time. Via Twitchy, we get this nice, long video

Trump went on to kick Ramos’s butt afterwards, during the time he allowed Ramos to ask questions.

Meanwhile, the press was chided for not walking out on Trump. And Patterico notes that the media and Democrats are making this out to be a SCANDAL! Liberals are Very Upset. Because only Trump would do something like this!

President Barack Obama has faced his share of hecklers in the past seven years, but Wednesday he took on one at a gay pride month reception at the White House, scolding the protester for being disrespectful “in my house.”

The heckler had interrupted Obama’s remarks by protesting the detention and deportation of gay, lesbian and transgender immigrants.

Obama gave the person a chance to be civil, then had them escorted out. Where was the national outcry? Nor was this the first time. He’s had hecklers escorted out numerous times. Where was the national outcry over Hillary roping reporters in?

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