Trump Super Fan becomes a star overnight, here’s how it happened [VIDEO]

Trump Super Fan becomes a star overnight, here’s how it happened [VIDEO]

At President Trump’s packed rally in Melbourne, Florida yesterday, Trump called a very surprised man up onto the stage in front of 9,000 people. The rally was already wild before this happened. People couldn’t get enough of Trump at what was dubbed his first campaign rally for 2020. The man called up was Gene Huber, a car salesman, who waited in line at 4 am to get into to see Trump at 5 pm. In that time, he was interviewed by the media and he praised the President on jobs and national security. Trump caught the interview and spotted the guy in the audience. That’s when he told him to come on up!

I heard that the Secret Service darn near had a meltdown over it and tried to stop the guy a couple of times from getting up there. President Trump kept telling them to let him come up… he wasn’t worried about Gene, unless of course he kissed him. Heh. Gene finally made it up there and the love-fest continued. He said a few words: “We the people, our movement, is the reason why our President of the United States is standing in front of us today.” And the crowd went wild again. Trump pronounced… a star is born!


From BizPac Review:

A Trump superfan got the thrill of a lifetime when he was called on stage during President Trump’s raucous rally in Melbourne, Florida.

Gene Huber, a car salesman from Boynton Beach, waited in line since 4 a.m. to attend the event, which started at 5 p.m. During that time, he was interviewed by numerous media outlets, where he praised Trump’s plans to restore American jobs and ensure national safety.

When the president spotted Huber in the crowd, he invited him on stage, hugged him, and asked him to say few words.

A stunned but ecstatic Huber obliged, telling the crowd: “We the people, our movement, is the reason why our president of the United States is standing in front of us today.”

When Huber was done, President Trump joked, “A star is born!”

Gene Huber is being called this year’s “Joe the Plumber.” That would be representative of the working man out there and mainstream America. Gene is Gene though… Joe the Plumber is a great guy in his own right and a great patriot. He’s still out there fighting for all of us by the way.

In a Trump-loving interview with CNN, Huber said he salutes a cardboard cutout of President Trump every day. “I salute that every single day and I tell him, ‘Mr. President, I pray for your safety today,’ ” Huber said. “I’m not lying. I do that every single day.” That’s a little over the top, but whatever makes your day, I guess. However, the media will have a field day with it. The left may mock him for it, but he has a job, pays taxes and doesn’t riot or destroy property like Obama and Hillary supporters. So, consider the source.

Optimism is the lifeblood of patriots, so I think Gene’s exuberance is a good thing. What I thought was jaw dropping was the crowd… 9,000 people showed up. Leftists, be very, very afraid.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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