Trump’s Blizzard of Threatened Lawsuits

There is a certain type of person that really loves to sue. This trait can be exaggerated to absurd extremes in someone who has a lot of money and is used to getting his way by bullying others with his lawyers. Already Trump has threatened to sue at least six entities as part of his presidential campaign:

1. Ted Cruz, for being his primary opposition (three separate lawsuit threats).
2. The super PAC New Day for America, for backing John Kasich.
3. The super PAC Right to Rise, for backing Jeb Bush.
4. The nonprofit Club for Growth, for drawing attention to Trump’s extreme hostility toward property rights.
5., for selling t-shirts that feature messages like “Stop Trump” and “America Is Already Great.”
6. The Washington Post, for reporting on one of his numerous bankruptcy filings.

However, despite all the menacing threats, it appears that he has not actually sued anyone other than Univision since his campaign started.

One of his threatened lawsuits against Ted Cruz is intended to intimidate Cruz into taking this ad off the air.

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Trump’s lawyers claim that showing him stating his own views on television constitutes libel.

If only Trump would back up his bluster with action. Assuming the case is not immediately dismissed for being frivolous, it would allow the defendant, who happens to be one of the best lawyers in the country, to depose Trump regarding the radical abortion views he has espoused.

Trump is irresponsible to the point of recklessness, but not totally insane, so there is no chance he will expose himself to Cruz’s vastly superior intellect in a courtroom.

Most of the cease and desist letters churned out by Trump’s lawyers are merely the idle threats of a habitual bully. Since he promises to sue even when he clearly has no intention to do so, you can’t help but wonder what other promises he has made with his fingers crossed behind his back. A safe guess would be: all of them.

Good sense reemerging at last?

On tips from Torcer and MicahStone. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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