Trump’s Promised Ban on Muslims Becomes “Just a Suggestion”

Reasons for supporting Donald Trump’s megalomaniacal quest for personal glory continue to fall by the wayside. As predicted, he is abandoning his absurd, pandering promise not to let any Muslims into the country:

The planned ban, Trump said on Fox News Radio’s “Kilmeade and Friends,” is only “temporary.”

“It hasn’t been called for yet. Nobody’s done it,” the presumptive Republican nominee said.

“This is just a suggestion until we find out what’s going on.”

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Hedging already. Soon the Muslim ban will be forgotten, like his solemn promise to fund his own campaign so as not to be beholden to demonized donors, like his stand against economically deleterious minimum wage hikes, like his newfound opposition to abortion, like his original tax plan, et cetera.

The Muslim ban was preposterous from the beginning — unworkable, unconstitutional, and unreasonable. Trump’s original stand on the Islamic colonists flooding out of the Middle East and Africa was to open the doors wide on the grounds that they are “living in hell.” When that didn’t float with the mob he was pandering to, he took the farthest opposite view he could think of: not letting any Muslims into the country.

What was needed was a responsible leader who would say, look, it is not in our best interests to take in tens of thousands of “refugees”; let the Saudis take them. Instead, the mob chose Trump.

Click here to watch Trump assuring us repeatedly that we “have no choice” but to forbid all Muslims from entering the country.

But suddenly we do have a choice, now that he has the nomination pretty much sewn up.

The next major promise to be discarded: deporting illegal aliens. He has already signaled to his fellow liberal New York elitists that he was never serious about it. His proposed touchback amnesty would be a waste of time and money anyway. What is the point of formalities? Why not just let them all stay?

Unless you count his vanity project border wall, which has already been started and which may or may not be completed regardless of who is elected, and which Trump promises will feature a “big beautiful door” to let the immigrants through, Trump supporters will be down to a single reason to stand by their man: at least he isn’t Hillary.

But then, at least Hillary isn’t Trump. Her platform is pernicious in the extreme, but she hasn’t promised to torture, murder, and use hypercharged libel laws to silence political dissent.

Both candidates are completely unacceptable. Charles Spurgeon had it right: “Of two evils, choose neither.” If you vote for it, you endorse it; you let it corrupt you.


On tips from Torcer and Wilberforce. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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