Trump’s Stratospheric Unfavorable Rating Continues to Rise, Making Him Unelectable

Thanks to open primaries and divided opposition, Trump could actually win the Republican nomination. That’s where the good news ends for Branch Trumpidians. He is unelectable in a general election, due to an unfavorable rating that is sky high and still rising:

A new national Washington Post/ABC News survey shows Trump still leading the GOP race, but only commanding 34 percent support. In light of the media’s saturation coverage and his string of victories and delegate build-up, you’d expect a strong frontrunner to pull voters onto his bandwagon and begin to pull away. That hasn’t happened because Trump is not a strong frontrunner. … Both Cruz (+13) and Rubio (+6) would garner majorities and beat Trump in one-on-one contests, the survey finds.

One-third of Republicans would be “very dissatisfied” with Trump as the nominee. An increasing number of these people are making it clear that they will not hold their noses and vote for him in November.

This is a deeply polarizing and controversial figure within his own (current) party. Among voters broadly, he’s a five-alarm dumpster fire:


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Nobody with numbers like these is going to be elected president, no matter how frenetically loyal his cultish following may be.

Others are finding similar results:

NBC also has a new survey pegging Trump’s unfavorables near 70 percent.

This is why a vote in the primaries for Trump is the same thing as a vote in the general election for Hillary. Even people who don’t despise Trump should be doing everything in their power to stop him unless they want Shrillary Rotten to be our next president.


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