UNHINGED: Liberals ATTACK Trump’s 2 Year-Old Granddaughter Over THIS!?

UNHINGED: Liberals ATTACK Trump’s 2 Year-Old Granddaughter Over THIS!?

There’s an unwritten rule in politics that kids are off-limits. Liberals frequently ignore this though and declare open-season on the children and grandchildren of Republicans. Case in point? The ridiculous attacks on Donald Trump’s granddaughter Chloe.

Earlier this week, Donald Trump, Jr. tweeted out a picture of his daughter, Chloe, wearing an adorable Sesame Street hat:

There is seemingly nothing offensive about that, right?


Liberals immediately went into overdrive, attacking Chloe and her dad because Donald Trump was trying to “defund Sesame Street.” Only someone forgot to inform them that Sesame Street is no longer on PBS and has been on HBO for years. They also went after Trump, Jr. for his benign phrase, “the last of my little monsters.”

You’d think there could be actual problems in the world that these people could devote themselves to — ISIS, the terrorist attack in London, Russia’s growing aggression to the countries around them, the economy — but no, instead, they’re throwing hissy fits over Donald Trump’s granddaughter wearing a Sesame Street hat.

Seriously, liberals… get a life.

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