Univision Trumped; Trump Leads Among Hispanics

The leftists at the Spanish-language propaganda outfit Univision have taken point in the smear campaign (supported by RINOs) to portray Donald Trump as a bad guy because he supposedly doesn’t like Hispanics. They could not have enjoyed reporting this:

The nation’s top Spanish-language network, which has been tangling with the real estate magnate over his remarks on immigration since he entered the presidential race, included in its flagship national evening newscast the results of a survey by Public Policy Polling, which show Trump with a 34% favorability rating among Hispanic Republicans, compared to 31% for Jeb Bush, 30% for Ted Cruz and 29% for Marco Rubio.

This despite Bush having taken Hispandering to the most contemptible extremes conceivable, Cruz and Rubio actually being Hispanic themselves, and Bush and Rubio both having been prominent advocates for amnesty. Hopefully someone in the GOP is learning from this.

It could be that not all ethnicities vote in an obedient homogenous block. It is even possible that you don’t have to be white to want to preserve what’s left of the USA, which would definitely entail securing the border at once.

But Democrats can rest assured that most of the Third Worlders flowing across the border now will vote as they are supposed to for generations, due to government dependency.

Choke on it, Univision.

On a tip from wingmann. Hat tip: The Last Refuge. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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